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September 2023

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Working with mommy before we get ready for school.


Trip to the Chocolate Factory after swimming with Papa and napping with Boomer.


Showing off his big plant in the front yard.


Fun at Grandma's, first garage sale, helping in the yard and cleaning his fire truck.

Weekend fun, bathtume, library, waterday and helping make dinner. We also started night time potty training, it is going well. He is very happy for "no more diaper at night"!


Making birthday presents


Rocking out




Had a great time at the Camel Races. Daddy rode really well and worked hard.


Doing his bedtime yoga


Had a fun cold trip in Tahoe at Auntie Tams.


Last time chilling in his high chair before it went to his little "cousin"


Hanging with his best bud Newt

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