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March 2024

Oh boy did we have a busy March. We had a fun 9 day road trip to visit Franks family in Arizona. Franks birthday, Ramsey's birthday, Easter and of course all the normal things life throws at us.

We started our trip off by driving to Las Vegas and staying the night in a lovely room. Ramsey was very excited to have his own room which of course he did not sleep in.

After Vegas we went to Scottsdale AZ and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge which had an indoor water park. We celebrated Franks birthday and Ramsey fell in love with the Lodge.

We then made it to Tucson to visit Franks nieces and her kids. Her daughter Amelia is just a bit younger than Ramsey and they were buddies right away. We got rained out of the zoo but had fun the next day at the children's museum.

Ended the trip back in Scottsdale, AZ for Medieval Times. It was a lot of fun. Ramsey loved being able to scream as loud as possible and even yelled "Off with his head!!!" The lighting was horrible so sorry no video of that.

Once we got home it was time for Ramsey's 4th birthday. We had dinner with just us on his actual birthday, he had dinner with Nana Eva and Papa Bruce Friday, his party with his friends at the trampoline park Sat (1st friend party) and finished the weekend off with Paw Patrol Live!!! It might ave been a bit much.

We had a quiet cold Easter at home, but he had lots of fun.

We had a bunch of snow this month, went to Coconut Bowl for BFF Charlies birthday and just had a lot of fun.

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