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May 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

School pictures 2023

Put flowers on his great grandparents grave for Memorial day.


Had fun at a BBQ, got a new Hot Wheels garage and getting comfy going potty.


Watched Jake play ball, mainly just ran around like a crazy 3 yr old.

Hung out with Nana Eva and Papa Bruce while mommy and daddy did the rest of the yard work.

Helped in the yard this weekend


Had picture day at school, stylin!!


Went to his 1st Aces game and it was perfect!! The Aces won, the weather cooperated and not a tantrum in sight. He really liked the singing baseball, the bouncy house and a crossing guard gave him a foul ball on the way out. The highlight though was seeing a squirrel with a foot long hot dog in its mouth. No, he did not watch any of the game 😀.


Ramsey had a rough week, started by getting hit in the face with a bucket at school and ended by getting bitten by a red ant.

Made Mother's Day presents.

Showing his awesome personality through his shoes.

What a wonderful Mother's Day


Had a great beginning of May with lots of birthdays and fun

Making Auntie Shannon's birthday present

Singing her Happy Birthday

Even though at first he really didn't want to.

Celebrated a Lil friend's birthday with a pinata

Playing with his trucks

Practicing his modeling poses.

And loving watering the trees

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