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December 2022

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Christmas was awesome!!! Ramsey was really into it but was not happy he couldn't give Santa a hug when he came down the fireplace. We got to visit on Christmas Eve with Papa Tom, Nana Theresa, Aunt Mary Jo, Uncle Brian, Auntie Shany and the cousins Jake, Kevin and Jaime. It was such a wonderful evening. Santa came Christmas morning and Ramsey didn't open any presents other than what Santa brought. We headed to Grandma and Papa Doug's after that, Then we had Christmas dinner at Papa Bruce and Nana Eva's with Auntie Michelle, Scott, Auntie Tam, Joe and even cousin Jordan made an appearance. We had a wonderful Christmas and finished opening presents on Monday.

Been busy getting ready for Santa and doing sleepovers at Grandma's.


Another fun filled weekend. More birthday parties (he is a fan) ,making cookies, climbing his truck and playing in the snow!!


Let the Christmas shenanigans begin!!! Christmas tree and house decorating and seeing Santa at the North Pole in Sparks.

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