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5 Months

Ramsey is 5 months old now and growing fast he is about 16 lbs and 26 inches, we will get confirmation at his doctors appointment next month. He is talking more and more and really showing his little personality. He is almost sitting by himself and has started responding to his name. Ramsey has also started playing with his toys, which is just awesome and so much fun. It is also expensive cause now we want to buy him all the toys.

We did start giving him some solid foods, just to practice, he wasn't really a fan. We tried, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. But the carrots were definitely his least favorite.

Even though he didn't like the solid food his current favorite thing is putting everything in his mouth.

Ramsey started using his bouncer like a champ!!

We finally had Opening Day for the half a** season and things are not looking good for our Giants at this time. But that does not matter because Mommy has been waiting very patiently to post his super cute baseball outfit pictures.

Ramsey got to meet more family and got cooking lessons from papa Bruce.

He also started sleeping in his crib this month. He was fine with it, Mom not so


And of course he was just his normal adorableness.

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