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Yellowstone/Montana trip 2022

We had a wonderful family vacation to Yellowstone and Montana this July. We started with a stop in Boise to visit Auntie Sharon, hit Yellowstone for a few days and then hit Chico Hot Springs for a family reunion. Ramsey did so well in the car and by the end of the trip was a swimming fool.

On the Road, we stopped in McDermit and Jordan valley on the way to Boise. There isn't much on that road and it was a long drive.

Ramsey loved the hotel especially the luggage cart and jumping on the bed.


Yellowstone was just as beautiful as you could imagine. We tried to fit as much as we could in the 2 days we were there, but of course it just wasn't enough time. Our first night, the fire alarm went off at like 2:30am, which of course was the first night Ramsey was actually sleeping. In fact, he was sleeping through the alarm and didn't wake up till I picked him up after about 10 minutes when we saw everyone else evacuating. Everything was ok, we just missed some sleep.


Next stop Chico Hot Springs in Big Sky Montana for a family reunion. We had such a nice visit with family, many that hadn't had a chance to meet Ramsey in person yet. Of course, he stole everyone's heart.


We went to dinosaur museum, or as Ramsey calls them the "Roars". Let me tell you, it is amazing!!!! We were only there for an hour cause Ramsey just wanted to run around. We will go back when he is older and spend an entire day. If you have the chance you have to go.


On the way home we stayed the night in Twin Falls Idaho. We had no idea what was there and now we will be going back there as well. We made a stop in Elko also so Ramsey could run around a bit. Frank should him how to run the bases. It was an awesome trip and even though it was a long time on the road but I'm so happy we did it. Next time will be in a few year though when he is a bit older,

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