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September Pictures

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

We had been sending daily pictures to the Grandparents and Aunts since we were limited in visits due to the stupid COVID-19. Now that things have opened up a bit and we get to have visits we have started sending pictures a few times a week.

9/30 Ready for Fall

9/26 So far his favorite is the prunes!

9/25 Happy Friday



9/19 His favorite sleeping position

9/18 We tried apples tonight.

9/15 Now he's sitting all by himself!! There is also a video posted which is adorable

9/14 We have a 6 month old!!! We wont have his weight and other stats till next week so a blog will be updated then.

9/13 Now he's all about the green beans. I think he just likes food.

9/11 Loving the solid foods

9/08 Lovin' the bouncer

9/06 Got some kicks

9/05 Happy Saturday from the super chewer

9/04 Ahh that face


Being a little ham and loving his bouncer

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