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September 2021

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Apparently 9/28 is National Sons day, this picture pretty much sums it up.

Spaghetti night, yum yum

Went to the Harvest Festival this weekend. Got to try some new food, throw a ball 8n a basket, go on a carriage ride and run alot. He loved the horse!!!!

9/24 Ramsey had his 18 mo appt today. Of course he is still perfect. He weighs in at 23lbs 40%, his height is 32 1/2 51% and he is staying strong in the 97% with a head circumference of 19 1/2. He also got his 1st lollipop (that mom knows about anyway 😏). Pictures were taken in the elevator after his shots, so not the happiest ones.

Took Ramsey to the Spirit store to get his Halloween costume. He is not a fan.

Oh boy 18 months!!! So big

Mommy and Grandma took me to the Reno Animal Ark today!!! It was so cool seeing all of the animals. My favorite were the tortoise and the bears.

A little outdoor fun

All set to #BeatLA this weekend

Got the bed set up in case we need to take in evacuees. Ramsey is totally digging it.

Just chillin

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