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October 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


We went to the Aces stadium, Trunk or Treating in Carson and regular Trick or Treating at our friends house. Ramsey had so much fun following EJ and Charlie. After every house he ran up told us "I'm back" and the "next one"!!


Fun weekend time


We have been busy!!!!!

First up, went to Coconut Bowl to ride the go karts.

Then went camping. There was no water and it was a little chilly, bit got play in the mud and stay up late so it was a success.

Later in the week I helped Daddy with yard work.

Then I helped Mommy decorate Halloween cookies.

Grandma and Papa took me to Corley Ranch to pet goats!!!

Then Mommy and Daddy took me to Andeline Farms for more fun.

Stayed the night with Grandma and Papa. Got to make a Lego car and have popsicles for breakfast!!

Last we went Cocomelon Live!!! It was fun!


Daddy got me special handle bars for his dirt bike so I can ride along with him.

Then I got to ride his Harley

And I helped Daddy work on his bike, it was a busy day.


Too much fun


Had fun seeing all the animals at the Animal Ark


Arts and craft day but niether of us knows what exactly you do with slime

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