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October 2021

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

He wasn't into carving the pumpkin or the "guts" at all this year. But, once it was carved it was totally awesome.

Here I come!!!

This is how we entertain ourselves when it rains all day.

Just a little boy and his kitty

Yummy sushi

More fall farm fun

Sprocket gave him a head wound. May change his Halloween costume to Harry Potter😃

Such a big helper

We had a wonderful afternoon at Andeline Farms.

Picked out the perfect pumpkin.

There were a lot to choose from.

Then we met and pet a bunch of cool farm animals.

Rode a pony!!!!

By the end Ramsey was pooped

Enjoying the beautiful fall day.

Let's go Giants!!!

Someone is feeling better

Sick boy cuddles

Ramsey made his first big mess when mommy and daddy weren't looking. Lotion all over the new recliner.

Mommy had a girls weekend Vegas. Of course this is when Ramsey decided to get sick and have Daddy take him to the ER. He is ok, he had croup and an ear infection nothing some snuggles and meds can't fix.

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