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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

We had been sending daily pictures to the Grandparents and Aunts since we were limited in visits due to the stupid COVID-19. Now that things have opened up a bit and we get to have

visits we have started sending pictures a few times a week.

10/31 Happy Halloween


Pumpkin Carving Time

10/28 Happy Hump Day

10/25 We tried a little photo shoot today. Ramsey wasn't really into it but we got some good ones.


10/21 Hola from the happy teether, we have 2 teeth!!

10/19 Astronaut Baby

10/18 We went to Andelin Farms pumpkin patch and corn maze with cousin Jake and Aunt Shannon. We weren't able to get too many pictures because of the shadows but we had lots of fun.

10/16 Yummy Yummy

10/14 7 Months!!

10/10 Happy Saturday and he is ready for his close up

10/08 Ready to Ride!!

10/07 Happy Hump Day

10/04> Really likes vanilla yogurt

10/03> Happy Saturday Morning

10/02> First trip out in the real world. Fist store Costco!! He did so good and really enjoyed looking at all of the stuff

10/01 The outfit from Auntie Shany finally fits!!

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