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November 2021

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Peek a boo with cuteness overload

Decorated the tree, really wasn't interested. We had to bribe him with Sesame Street to get him to stay in the room.

Daddy got new tires so I get to play in his truck!!

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving

Helping Mommy stretch

Had a busy day supervising the Grandads putting together my sweet new swing set.

Prepping for Christmas card pictures

Making presents

Little Auntie love

Busy day working in the yard.

Getting ready for his close up

Some Auntie time

Just chillin

Getting to be a big boy

Look at all this cuteness

He seems to like pudding just a ittle bit

Kind of hide and seek, but all fun

Hair cut day


After, yes he is checking himself out in the mirror

Super cuteness

Blowing bubbles

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