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June 2021

Updated: Aug 1, 2021


Fun in the sun


Just figured out he can pull and push the school bus

Cheerios please

Loves Elmo

Had a wonderful Fathers Day!!!

Such a big helper

Lovin the ride

Last day of swim lessons, by the end he was blowing bubbles!

Cooling off in this crazy heat!!! It's only June and we got triple digits. But at least it's a dry heat 😉

Yum yum broccoli

This little cutie is now 15 months old. At his doc appointment he weighed in at 22 lbs and is 30 inches. And he is of course perfect!!

Bubble time

Daddy's shirt and mommy's shades= ultimate cuteness

Just chillin with his favorite food...crackers. If he could live off of them alone he would.

Helping daddy work

Race face

Making new friends and having fun at swim lessons.

Checking out the new grass/play area in the backyard.

1st haircut!!! 6/4/21. He started crying so we had to hols him but then he did awesome. The stylist was great buzzing around us to get the trim. He even got a second stylist to play with him.

Fun times at Grandmas

Helping daddy measure for grass and new play set.

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