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July 2021

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Fun at the BBQ, great end to the month

Water table play

Dancing in the rain

A lil food a lil drink

Daddy bonding

A little Auntie time

He's excited for the pool.

Hey..what up?

Daddy got a new toy and Ramey took a few out for a test drive.

Taco Tuesday = Bath night


Such a big boy, moved to the big table

Checking out "The Beast"

Playing with Auntie Sheryl

Whats out there?

16 months old!!

Time to start the chores list

Ramsey may of had the best night of his life. Sand, water, birds, fireworks, fire and s'mores!!!

Fun cousin time at Grandmas

Eclairs and story time

Happy 4th of July

Just like daddy

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