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January 2022

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Bath time finger painting "with" Mommy

Yummy fruit face

Hamper/wagon fun

Gitty up Daddy

This week of daycare was a success!!! Made friends and took actual naps! By the third day he stopped crying when we got there

Made a new friend at daycare

Got another hair cut. This time went daddy's barber, its very short.

Daycare part deux went well. He did cry on Tues and Wed but seemed to do well after a bit.

Bath Goh

May be ready!!!

Day 10 of quarantine/Covid/no daycare, we have all had tantrums and have no F's left. Its all Mickey (our George) all day, house is a disaster, no work is getting done while the little is awake and we have now resorted to the ball pits hoping for at least an hour of entertainment.

Such big boy washing his hands all by himself.

4th day of Covid and we are all getting a little silly.

Well it took 2 1/2 days at daycare and we all have Covid. Everyone is doing well but Ramsey of course has it the worst. Frank made him a little fort. Here he is playing cave explorer

2nd day of daycare seemed to go well. Ramsey did cry in the morning this time when we dropped him off.

1st day was a success. Celebratory hot cocoa.

All ready for his 1st day of daycare. He didnt cry while we were there, just a luttle clingy. Fingers crossed its a good day

Wishing you a very Happy New Year

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