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February 2021

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I will post pictures throughout the month of sweet Ramsey here for everyone to get their fix of his cuteness.


2/26 The little artist

2/25 I wanna ride daddy!!!!

2/23 Enjoying some sunshine

2/22 Ready for spring training and rockin' the kicks

2/20 rocking in daddys chair

2/18 It worked to contain him for a little bit

2/17 of course we play the "drums" first thing in the morning mom, when else would you?

2/16 and now we are climbing

2/15 Good morning, handsome

2/14 Happy Valentine's Day


2/10 oops, mommy didnt set the barrier up right.

2/9 He'll do it his way

2/07 ice cream sandwiches!!!

2/06 ready for race day

2/05 so happy

2/03 Walkin' in the walker fool


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