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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

We had been sending daily pictures to the Grandparents and Aunts since we were limited in visits due to the stupid COVID-19. Now that things have opened up a bit and we get to have

visits we have started sending pictures a few times a week.

12/30 Sir Ramsey Kent Homen (said in a British accent) wishes you all a good morning


12/26 Recovering from Christmas, he may of had a Christmas hangover

12/24 Merry Christmas Eve, some one loves his presents from Papa


12/22 Big Smiles

12/20 Happy Sunday!!

12/14 9 months old

12/13 Pulling himself up all by himself, and very proud of himself about it

12/12 Doubling up on the crackers

12/10 Getting into the Christmas spirit

12/09 Hello There


Got the tree up

12/06 Belly Shot

12/03 cutie pie

12/01 We are now mobile, crawling like a mad man

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