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The Little Prince had 4 Birthday parties! Because of Covid and to keep everyone comfortable we split them up between all of the grandparents. It actually worked out very well because everyone got to spend individual time with Ramsey and he didn't get too overwhelmed. He did get very spoiled though.

First up Grandma and Papa Tanner.

Auntie Shannon was so awesome and made his cupcakes, which were very yummy. He got to hangout with hos favorite cousin Jake and Uncle Matt.

Next up was with Mom and Dad on his Birthday, with banana cream pie since he is a pie baby

Then we got to celebrate with Nana and Papa Homen.

Auntie Michelle and cousins Dustin, Mercedes and DJ came over to help celebrate with Papa Bruce's homemade banana cream pie. (Ramsey really likes bananas)

Finally we had Papa and Nana Ramsey's party

His Great Aunt May Jo and Uncle Brian also came to visit. All and all he had a wonderful birthday. Frank and I are exhausted though.

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