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April 2021

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Good times at Grandmas

Most popular kid in class

Just too cute

We had a busy busy day, 1st hit up the hardware store then made the rounds at the birthday parties

Study hour


Loves his new Lambsey, mommy lost the last one.

Ramsey had his 2nd swim lesson today, 4/19. We had an almost 2 week delay because the heater broke in the pool and they had to fix it. Daddy finally got his turn.

Had a great day at the park

Ready for gameday

Lil cutie

Day at the park

Daddy got a hair cut

First road trip with the boys

Taco Tuesday

All set for the lake

Ready to cruise

Decorating Papa Tom's birthday rock

Got a new nap spot at Nana and Papa

Swim lessons may have been cancelled but that's ok, Ramsey will just practice walking.

1st swim lesson. The pool was cold and he was super distracted by the other people but he warmed up to both by the end.

Happy Easter! I will post more pictures as I get them. We had a few Grandparents come over for breakfast and to watch Ramsey pick up some eggs. He actually picked a few up and put them in the basket.

Lil dare devil

Fun at the park with Grandma and Papa Doug/Duck

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