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9 Months!!

And what a month is was! My goodness, we are officially mobile crawling around like a mad man, pulling himself up and just getting into everything. To quote Frank "he is no longer easy." Ramsey has a new tooth on top and another two coming in. He hates being contained and all he wants to do it roam.

At his appointment he was 18lbs 11oz (35% ), 27 3/4 inches (25%) and he still has an enormous head at 46 1/2 cm (91%)

We got our Christmas tree up and Ramsey loves it, mainly the lights and bells.


We didn't get to have our normal Thanksgiving extravaganza because of Covid but Ramsey did get to partake in his first pumpkin pie contest, which Daddy won this year. He got to try all sorts of different food, his favorite was pumpkin pie, of course and sweet potatoes.

He had a some cousin time. Jake is now Ramsey's favorite person.

"Helped" daddy and Papa Bruce cut up the tree that fell down during a wind storm in the front yard.

Got a different tree up and all ready for Santa

Now that he's mobile, safety 1st!

Such a happy little boy

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