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8 months old, time is flying by

Oh my goodness, we can not believe it has been 8 months already. Ramsey is doing awesome, he weights in at about 17.2lbs and his hieght is around 27 3/4 inches. He now has two teeth on the bottom front and he is crawling backwards.

We went to Andeline Farms, the shadows made it hard to get pictures. Ramsey was a trooper while we did the corn maze. Looking forward to taking him next year when he will be able to enjoy it more and pet the baby animals.

Helped Carve the Pumpkin

Halloween fun, so we didn't get a single trick or treater but Frank worked really hard on the yard just in case we got one. And Ramsey looked adorable.

Got our first snow of the season. He didn't really like it, but we think the snow suit was too small.

Had a little Fall photo shoot

His favorite thing right now is "standing". He leans on the edge of the couch or his play pen.

And all of his many faces

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