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1 year old!! The year flew by

It didn't really because of Covid but it did go by mostly fast. Those first 3 months were hard!

We had his doctor appointment 3/15 and it went really well. He weighed in at 20lbs 10oz (48%), height 29 1/2" (49%) and his head is 47 1/2 cm(89%) so he is growing into his head.

Ramsey now has 8 teeth, 4 on top 4 on bottom. The doctor said his gums look swollen and irritated where his molars will be coming in. We are hoping she is seeing things cause we need a break from the teething.

He has started talking he is saying "hi", "no" and "hot".

And Mon, 3/15 he started walking!!!! He is officially a toddler.

(Birthday Party pictures and video will be posted after we have all of the parties, yeah Covid!)

This Month

We did Arts & Crafts

Celebrated Daddy's Birthday

Mommy and Daddy tried to contain me cause I got into everything

Got to visit with Auntie Michelle and Papa Tom

Started doing a little reading after eating

Getting some awesome hair style

And of course just being adorable and awesome!!

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